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Information about OBizTek

OBizTek has been providing web solution since last 12 years. Our practical internet solutions delivers results on time and on budget. We are flexible in our terms and service levels also.

If you are looking for reliable and cheap seo / web design / web development / web hosting / internet marketing services we can help you.

Fast Facts

  • Based in Nashik City, Maharashtra, India
  • Started / Founded : In year 2000
  • Status: Privately held
  • Founder and Director : Ajay Jain ( Bachelor of Engineering) - with over 20 years of Experience with engineering and Information Technologies (IT) field

Relationship Matters

OBizTek can help you to build your online reputation and brand using our professional network . Association with us gives you many advantages for your business and personal purpose for the long term.

What we offer ?

  • Yellow Pages
  • Business Directory
  • Directory Services
  • Market Places
  • Web Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Business Promotions for import / exports
  • Outsourcing and much more..

Why we are different ?

  • Simple and User-friendly : We have made whole the things simple for everyone. We work continuously to make it more simple & better
  • Better Support :  We have fast & responsive support system for superb execution & customer satisfaction.
  • Business Solutions Focused : We are focused on the target / requirement of the client to remain effective.
  • Economical : All of our products & services are very reasonably prices to offer its value and it justification.
  • Innovation : We continuously innovate for betterment .You bring any challenges to us we will innovate.
  • Competent : We have technical expertise and long years of practical experience to give high quality service
About Us : OBizTek
12 years experience
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